I'm going to write. I wouldn't mind if you'd tell me what I'm doing wrong.


I’ve been putting off stopping putting off stuff.

You’re wrong. I am not Zero. I wish I was. It would make it so much easier for him, and I would feel like less of an evil if I was. I am none of those things you say I am. I am not a pawn in this great scheme, not even that. I am only worthy enough to be marked, branded; owned. You see these tattoos, now that you have called upon my rage. The ones that say zero, however, point to my connection to him, not my own identity. Before I kill you, I want you to know, I am Solus.

I would not have believed it if I had not been there, but the Texas A&M campus actually does become beautifully romantic the first cool night.

The Colors saga (not including League/Expo and Shades of Green) is definitely written with the more modern feel and formula to it in comparison to Copper and the Discontinuity. The fact that its portrayal of its characters and life itself is done as realistically as possible and the meaning behind that was not lost like in modern and indie style books and films of today when they put an excessive focus on evil, ugliness, and debauchery. I feel that I have saved my art by including the characters’ stains only in order to show how it has molded their character, their good, after they have moved through it and past it and no sooner. Copper and the Discontinuity are written with the same feel as classical books such as the Lord of the Rings. I usually favor this type of art in which the world is shown in its ideals because, in this case, the art shows us what we can point toward and gives an example that we cannot find in our own physical realms. I admire these, and because of the admiration I hold for the classical and idealistic artists and masterpieces I never would have expected Colors to come out as the perfected imperfection that it is with the deviated formula it uses. The sins that the protagonists commit are sins in the moment, but are turned idealistic by the end of the work akin to the blood in a painting of the Crucifixion. 

Whoops. Guess all this disappointment is making me hungry.

Ash Ketchum in Riddle Me This

I tagged one of my posts with moms cause it was about my mom being a mom, but then a cougar blog liked it and a milf blog started following me.

Walker family memories that have stuck all too well

  • The Christmas where Uncle Keith taught me how to draw and our dad gave us a gamecube with much research put into it (through Santa)
  • having a midnight hike with my cousins and Uncle Keith and Aunt Cindy
  • coming back to Uncle Brett’s from watching Peter Pan in theaters so sleepy I couldn’t keep my eyes open
  • sleepovers with Marek, playing videogames, his mountain of beanbags, and his stuffed Bulbasaur
  • watching Night at the Museum 2 with all of my cousins and my grandparents in their new neighborhood (our neighborhood) before people started going off too college and we saw them less
  • watching True Grit with my dad, grandpa, brother, uncles, Marek, and Alec (all of the guys) for my grandpa’s birthday and then going to A Taste of Texas afterwards for my first time (during the summer after my freshman year)
  • Waking up early for breakfast. Grandpas peanut butter and syrup.
  • Wrestling Cory at Easter. Wrestling Bradley at Christmas.
  • Watching Justice League and playing Ruby and Sapphire with Marek at our grandparents apartment while our Grandpa was at TIRR
  • Labor Day on the beach. It’s a foggy memory but a strong one.
  • Poker with my uncles, specifically Labor Day at Seguin my sophomore year.
  • Corn dog nights, deviated from ice cream on Christmas night.
secretlyawallflower replied to your post“My dad knows me too well. He hears that I was able to make it to the…”
Did you?
Tsk. Tsk. First you are the only one not to notice I shaved, and now you don’t know whether I would make a statement about school spirit and conformity at A&M by wearing the opposing team’s colors? Do you even know me anymore?